Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Agile from perspective of a spry old man :)

I finally had time to watch Tim Lister's session about Agile Leadership recorded at Agile Alliance conference.

It took entire 1 hour, but I think it deserved my time or rather I hope I deserved to watch it :)

This is a very interesting presentation with a lot of knowledge, experience and passion demonstrated by the speaker. And funny for the audience. I recommend watching it - maybe during some boring general meeting or a virtual meeting which you don't feel like participating but you had not guts to decline.

Just to encourage you, here are a few quotes:
"Your real process is what you do if you are under pressure. Anything else is window dressing."
About (initial) requirements: "We start what they [customers] say the want as a warm-up exercise..."
A project manager (woman) involved when some technical problem appeared: "I am not your mother. You are techies! ... That was a morale boost [for the team]".

See and hear it for yourself. Especially if you want to drive agility.


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  1. Audio version of the keynote (MP3) that you can actually download and listen to at your leisure is available at http://agiletoolkit.libsyn.com/index.php?post_id=118392