Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Bookmarks in Eclipse

Standard bookmarks handling in Eclipse is not so comfortable. Although there is 'add bookmark' command in Edit menu it always pops up annoying dialog box and asks you for bookmark name. There is no standard shortcut for that option but of course you can define your own. The biggest weakness is that you cannot quickly go to selected bookmark with simple keys combination. Instead of that you have to use mouse or keyboard and navigate to separate view and select bookmark from the list. This is real pain for old vi-style editors.

But today I have great news for all of them. I found great Eclipse plugin. After installation you can simply mark line of code with Alt+Number and quickly go back to marked place with Alt+Shift+Number combination. Glory!!!
  • You can change keys combination
  • It works across Eclipse workspace
  • It doesn't affect built in Eclipse bookmarks functionality
Web page: http://etc.to/eclipse_bookmarks_plugin
Eclipse update page: http://eclipse.etc.to/updates/

After installation you have to restart Eclipse to get it work (at least Eclipse 3.2)

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